Nobody said this would be plain sailing!

I realise my first few posts have been really chipper and positive – and I am trying to think like that but there is another side.

I am feeling very odd at the moment.   My daily structure has gone, my social life has largely gone (we had a lot of fun at work and I have a lot of friends there) and a source of my self esteem has gone (I was good at my job).

Most of my life has been rushing around with never enough time to catch up with chores / hobbies etc.   Suddenly I have the time.    I am going slowly and being kind to myself but I am already noticing feeling lonely – yesterday I didn’t speak to anyone after saying goodbye to my husband at 7am until he came home at 5…..  I had a good day, did lots of interesting stuff but that’s no good.    And this morning was the first one where I couldn’t see the point in getting up (and actually I am still in bed typing this at 8.30…).

I feel very very strange but I can’t put my finger on it,  it’s just hovering under the surface.

Still, no-body said this is going to be easy!

I did the picture of sails above using an app called Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on my Samsung tablet.   It’s fun experimenting.


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