Creativity 3 : Wasting time 0

I’ve been at home a month now and I have achieved a lot.  I have caught up with many of those jobs that just never seem to get ticked off the To Do list and I have started some exciting creative projects;

  • My photography is really rewarding – I am learning to feel pictures before I take them, to sit with a place and wait to “receive” a picture before taking it.  It’s not easy!   I still have a tendency to snap too quickly and too often.   I’ve finished the course* now, which I am sad about, it gave me some structure every week because I had an assignment to perform.  You can see results in my Flickr stream on the left.
  • I did some sewing last week, I made a shopper bag from some old curtains for my daughter – it’s been a while since I sewed for fun, I have always done mending but that’s hardly the same!  And now that I have room to have my sewing things out all the time, I hope I will play with the machine more often.  I was surprised how relaxing I found it.
  • The weather has finally improved enough for me to start looking at my new garden.  My jobs for the next few days are:
    • Paint the fences
    • Lay a base of concrete slabs for a new shed arriving next week
    • Redesign the lawn and cut out the new shape – adding compost and soil to enrich the existing beds
    • weed the front driveway
    • Start to sew some seeds in the greenhouse!

That lot will keep me busy for a while, not sure I will have much time left for other creative pursuits.  I haven’t even had time to waste time!   Unless you call Twitter and Facebook wasting time (and you’d have a good point) in which case I have.

One thing I haven’t had time / inspiration for is painting.   I used to paint all the time and I thought when I was home 24/7 that it would come back to me, but I have not found the impetus to do any, which saddens me.

I guess I can’t do it all!   Even if I am not working.

*You can find out more about the Mindful Photography course I took online here:  – highly recommended to kick start some creativity.


2 thoughts on “Creativity 3 : Wasting time 0

  1. Thanks for the write up. Keep going with the photography, your on a path now. I left my job through ill health and redundancy 8 years ago. It unleashed my creativity and now look where I am!
    Here’s a task for a month. Take 3 photos a day. Only 3. No deleting. Only take 3 photos. Blog your photos and experiences. If 3 seems too many do just 1, but that’s more challenging.


    • Thank you 🙂 I’ve loved it, I do feel that I have found something special. I am inspired by you being where I am in the past. I accept your challenge – I will blog one photo a day for the next month 🙂


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