Interview with Lee Aspland: mindfulness through the camera lens

An excellent article explaining mindful photography – which I am trying to practice in my daily life 🙂

Breathe Here Now

In the age of smartphones and social media, amateur photography is everywhere. But if we slow down and connect with the present moment, can taking a photo on our iPhone become a mindful experience? I spoke to professional photographer Lee Aspland to find out more…

KB: How can mindfulness be applied to photography?

LA: Mindfulness applied to photography is being present with the visual moment and the process of photographing that visual moment. The essence of this practice is seeing. In the same way that a meditator sat on their cushion uses the breath as an anchor, we can as photographers use the visual experience as our anchor.
We walk with our camera and we see the world. We do not search for a photographic opportunity, but we notice if our mind floats away with thoughts, plans and ideas. We then return to what we can see. As we walk…

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