How to steal like an artist

A friend recently pointed me towards this video of the marvelous water-colorist Vera Bobson from Canada.   I love her work, I had not previously heard about her but I have great respect for anyone who says “break the rules” !

One thing that I think is essential in order to develop your own artistic style is to mimic that of the artists you admire.   You can learn so much from attempting to create something you love.   And as you try, over and over to learn techniques, you can slowly develop your own style until your work is not a copy but a nod to the original artist.

I have done this in the past with Van Gogh, My dog sighs and now Vera Bobson.

“Art is theft” Pablo Picasso

“What a good artist understands is that nothing comes from nowhere.  All creative work builds on what came before.  nothing is completely original.”    Austin Kleon from “Steal like an artist”

The trick of course is to learn from the experience and add something more, something of yourself into the work to improve it and make it uniquely yours.

My first attempt had poor masking tape and the colours bled, but when I tried again with better quality stuff (Frog tape) I was very pleased with the result (above).   It was fun to get my watercolours out again, it has been a while since I painted properly – I use a cut down DIY 1inch brush, paint standing up and take the watercolour paint from the tube.      Much like Vera does (or as it appears in the video) and that’s why I liked her style, it was close to my own (but oh so much better!).

I love the result and would love to hear your comments too!

(I highly recommend Austins book by the way, very inspiring).

I'd love to hear what you think!

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