Results of the photomarathon – it was a great challenge!

Yesterday was a fun but tiring day (I walked over 5 miles taking these shots).   I had to have a long bubble bath when I got home!   At 10am, Lee and I exchanged topics and off we went, him in Swansea and me in Gosport, near Portsmouth.

I got a bit flustered at first, worrying about all the subjects at once, but I soon realised that I should only think about one at a time, get it ‘in the can’ and then move on.    As long as I kept half an eye on the clock it was fine.   It was a good excuse to have a coffee or a sit down at the end of each topic to review the pictures, check I had what I wanted, and delete the ones I wasn’t going to keep.   Then move on to planning the next one.

The pictures are below…. the first one “Some of us wear masks” is the header above.     I’d love to hear what you think!

I got a bit stuck with “Finding your balance” as I had the idea of doing one of my shadow selfies whilst standing on one leg!    I sat having my lunch overlooking Portsmouth Harbour and planned my shot.  As soon as I stood up I saw my issue, the sun is too high at this time of year and that time of day and my shadow was beneath me!  I phoned my husband to complain (not that he could move the sun!) but whilst talking to him, I inadvertently did a demo of how I would have to stand and bend forwards in order to get a shot of my leg shadow – and voila!  A shot was born.   However, this pose was actually quite hard and looked ridiculous so I took myself off to somewhere less populated because I feared drawing a crowd!   I ended up at Royal Clarence Yard on some decking which proved perfect!

Before the last one, I met my husband at the Explosion Museum cafe because my idea involved two empty coffee cups and it was a good excuse for another cup!   I could have asked for a spare cup of course but after 5 hours it was nice to have some company.

Fools rush in

Fools rush in

Silent knowledge

Silent knowledge



Find your balance

Find your balance



You can see Lee’s blog here showing his pictures so you can see his take on the same topics.

You can see our pictures together on Flikr here.

I woke up this morning and my husband said

“It’s a lovely day, do you want to go out photographing”


I have had enough picture taking for a few days, I am going to get my paints out instead.



I'd love to hear what you think!

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