Getting up to speed – visiting local galleries and exhibitions

In four months time I will be doing a Masters degree in Fine Art and since I have no formal art training, I need to spend the summer getting up to speed in the subject!

I would love to be able to go up to London and visit the museums and galleries regularly but finances just don’t run to it so I will have to be more inventive.   The local area has several renowned galleries and there is plenty of art on the south coast to keep me busy.

Last Friday I went off to Chichester, firstly to the lovely Pallant House Gallery and spent an hour wandering around there soaking it all up, and then I walked to the other end of the town to the University where the degree show was being held.

I have never been to an art college degree show before and it was a revelation to me.   The work was such a high standard and so interesting and varied.   I found it very inspiring that these students had produced such thoughtful and deep work – I found several exhibits very moving.

The ones that really affected me where the ones where the artist was drawing on something deeply personal for their work.

I left the exhibition and had to sit down and have a coffee before I went home.   I was feeling very emotional, the standard of the work was so high, but I wasn’t daunted, I was excited, rather over excited actually, I needed to calm down!

I felt that I really had something to contribute to this world and I cannot wait to dive in.

There are two more art colleges nearby that have their degree shows this summer, so I am really looking forward to seeing the work on display and getting more inspiration.

I would urge anyone on a budget to keep an eye on their local art college for shows, they’re free, a very high standard and very varied and interesting.  Well worth a trip!

(The picture on the blog is called “Joy2” and was done on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Tablet – I am having fun doing lots of digital art at the moment!).


  1. congratulations on getting accepted into the art program! I’ve often wondered if it is too late for me to do something like that, since I didn’t study art in college the first go round. ❤


    • Thank you! I am still in shock that they accepted me, but it’s real 🙂 I am living proof that it is *never* too late, I will be 52 in the summer having had a successful career in IT! This new life couldn’t be more different, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks for your comment.

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