Painting my umbrella – rain or shine, I’ve got it covered! Larmer Tree here we come!

I recently saw a passing comment about someone painting an umbrella.  The idea instantly appealed to me, but I had no idea how to go about it.

Some busy Googling didn’t tell me much more, there is not much documented out there, but I did find others who have done it.

First, I bought a reasonably priced white umbrella on Amazon and I found an old white umbrella (that I was given free at some conference or other) to test paints on, I didn’t want to make mistakes on the real thing.   I had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted to do but very quickly saw that my idea was too detailed.

I tried painting with acrylic paints and spraying stencils with spray paint.    The spray paint, although it gave a lovely effect, was too problematical, it cracked and it was very hard to get the stencil flat on the material.  I was a bit disappointed as I had painstakingly cut out the stencil of the flower, but it wasn’t consistent enough.   I even tried painting through the stencil with a brush, but that was really terrible, so acrylic paint, directly onto the fabric it had to be!

Here is my test umbrella by the end of my experiments!

2015-06-30 09.27.30

A daisy theme seemed more sensible, and it wouldn’t use too much paint 🙂

2015-06-29 13.08.00

Yesterday I sat down and just went for it with the paints and I am very pleased with the results.  The paint doesn’t crack and I think it is clearly a daisy!

The paint goes on very well, as long as the material is taut, I did it about 30% water because I didn’t want the dried acrylic to be too brittle and crack.   Some colours show brush strokes more than others, the blue and the yellow were best, in retrospect I would use them more another time.

I am off to a week long festival soon so this will be brilliant, rain or shine, I will have my daisy umbrella to keep us dry or cool.     Fingers crossed I get to use it as a sun shade!

2015-06-30 09.53.27

2015-06-29 13.45.41

I would definitely try this again, perhaps next year I might attempt a more complicated design – a peacock tail springs to mind……..


4 thoughts on “Painting my umbrella – rain or shine, I’ve got it covered! Larmer Tree here we come!

  1. I am very glad that you took so much time and trouble to paint your brolly’s. The end result was lovely weather for the festival. Same again next year please :).

    On a serious note I hope you had a great festival. I know we did.


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