Excitement mounts – I will be hanging the Portsmouth Guildhall exhibition 2 weeks today!

Excitement has reached fever pitch already with 3 bits of news:

  1. The printing for the advertisements is going to press today and I proofed the final copy last night, it looks brilliant – we’ve got an official name for the exhibition now – “Footsteps to the Square“.
  2. The curators have extended my exhibition by a month already, before it’s even opened!  It will now run until March 2016.
  3. My proof prints arrived this morning (see feature pic). I have not used Dibond before and I am really impressed with the results.  They look amazing!  The large one is A2 size – I am quite overawed by it.   I’m glad I sent off for test versions, we have learnt a lot already before putting in the big order.

Two weeks today I will be hanging the 18 pictures at Portsmouth Guildhall – I have lots to do in the meantime, this weekend will be spent prepping the photographs for the printer and getting a large order off which hopefully will arrive next Friday (leaving a weeks contingency).   Also I have to test my proposed hanging method and so my test prints will be stuck on the wall at home very shortly – not sure what I will do if they fall off over the next two weeks – there is no Plan B!

Agghhh! :0


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