Great news! 2 exhibition openings & more :)

The Opening Reception for my Footsteps to the Square exhibition is less than a week away but today brought great news for those kind enough to venture out on a dark November evening.

The evening will also be celebrating the opening of a wonderful exhibit – Logomania Christmas Tree by Shanghai based artist Chen Hangfeng – being shown for the first time in the South of England.

I sneaked a peak today and it really is impressive and is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas mood whilst also encouraging you to think about Chinese consumer culture, the beautiful tree is composed of neatly arranged snowflakes that are made out of brand logos.


Chen’s design reflects the growing importance of the Christmas holiday in contemporary Chinese culture. A symbol of increasing purchasing power and growing consumer desire, it is marked by big advertising campaigns that encourage people to spend money.

This is not all!

There will hopefully be dancing!

And drinks

And I think even nibbles 🙂

And the Portsmouth Music Experience Galleries will be staying open especially for our guests – a museum of pop memorabilia – which is well worth a look.

Please come along, Portsmouth Guildhall, November 23rd, 6pm – 8pm.

I'd love to hear what you think!

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