Week 10 – going deeper

Creativity Research

Discovered this quote this week, pretty much sums up the crux of my presentation:

“Ultimately creativity is an act of rebellion

You have to be downright subversive to be creative and you must have the courage to broadcast your ideas to a resistant world.”

Professor Allan Snyder.

And this 1997 advert from Apple which perfectly sums up subversion and creativity – so well in fact maybe I should just show this instead of the 15 min presentation I have planned!

Tanya Wood and Liminality

On recommendation, I discovered the work of local artist Tanya Wood – I have seen her work before – very impressive detailed pencil drawings.  I could not draw that patiently!   I heard that she had some some work on ‘edges’ and this is a quote from her website:

“The station for many is an everyday experience and a site of change, the digital platform and platform edge is in a variety of ways, a precarious line between one condition and another. How many of us pay attention to where we are when we are routinely between places?”  Tanya Wood 

In other words, a station is a liminal space, where danger lurks!

Two of Tanya’s pictures are shown below (with the artists permission).  Torn edge and Platform Edge.

Katayoun Dowlatshahi

Similarly, I was recommended the work of Katayoun Dowlatshahi – who has a series called “Liminal” and says:

“I am driven to explore the threshold between the visible and invisible; the conscious and the unconscious states.”

I enjoyed this interview with her on YouTube as well – hearing artists discussing how they work is always inspiring.   I love her work.

Using Pinterest for research

I spent several happy hours on Pinterest this week – I love Pinterest, the entire world is brought to you – and not just established artists but any artist who has uploaded their work holds equal space and you can admire their work.  I have done a lot of research on Pinterest and follow some very interesting people.

Links to my Pinterest boards:


Loved this idea from Paula Zuccotti – she asked 62 people to document and photograph what they had touched that day.  Amazing array of items!


The featured image is some silver birch twigs against an evening sky.

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