The sound of liminality…..

Yesterday I did my presentation for the Research module on Subversion and Creativity.  I enjoyed it, and it was especially good to listen to some of the other students, especially the two talks on the same subject as me – we covered it so differently, the three went well together!

Some of the younger students had done some wonderful work to illustrate their points – I would have happily paid money for one of the posters Scott did!

So today I submitted my synopsis and I must say I was a bit sad for that module to be over, I enjoyed it.

Liminality Project

I have been developing my ideas for Gosport Ferry, I’ve been taking pictures each time I cross and uploading them to Flikr – what has struck me is what people do when they are crossing the harbour.    I see them texting, chatting, staring into space…. It’s really interesting.

I also started thinking about the sound of the ferry – I came across this quote from The Tempest:

Where, but even now, with strange and several noises
Of roaring, shrieking, howling, jingling chains,
And moe diversity of sounds, all horrible,

So yesterday I recorded the ferry… I think I have a little way to go but I like the idea of recording the sound of liminality.

The featured image is one I took over the side of the ferry yesterday , of the wake, in the dark.


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