Discovering screen printing!

Another busy week having fun trying new things and rediscovering old ones.
The screen printing went well for a first attempt and I now have 8 colourful large Gosport Ferry tickets!    I am not sure if these will form part of my final piece but they have certainly whetted my appetite for doing some more.   I rather like the temporal nature of the screen print, yes, you can do 200  copies if you want to, but at the end of the day the screen has to be cleared and you will never get that exact combo again.
2016-01-22 18.42.00

Gosport Ferry Screen printed tickets

This week I rediscovered my love of the work of Canadian artist Ted Harrison.  I originally came across his work many years ago when he was little known in the UK and apart from saving a few websites there was little I could do to see more.   Over the weekend I Googled him again and was pleased to see that there is now a book of his work available on which I ordered.   I love the simplicity of his work, the emotions they convey and the wonderful colours especially.

Ted Harrison print

I have also signed up to do a repeat of the mindful photography course I did this time last year.   A year ago this week, I lost my job (of 10 years) and was at a loss what to do with myself.   I signed up for a course with Lee, realised I had not even got a camera and with my husbands help, went out and got myself a lovely Canon EOS-M – which has been perfect for me.   I relished doing the photography course as it gave me a structure to my week and was a superb introduction to the kind of photography which interested me.  I am not a geeky photographer!  If you asked me what aperture I used or what lens I had I would look at you rather blankly.   My camera is a tool I hold in my hands in order to do the work I want to do.
Of course I was able to practice my art quite a bit last year which culminated in my exhibition at Portsmouth Guildhall (on till March) so it was quite an influential course for me – you could say it changed my life!
Since last year Lee has revamped his course and invited me to take it again this year and I was delighted to do so and this time I persuaded my husband to have a go too.   I am enjoying the more in-depth course materials and revision on mindfulness is never wasted.   Find out more at
Over the weekend I went up to the Royal College of Art where their MA students had an open studio weekend I could wander round and see what they were up to.  Not all the pieces were completed (and sometimes it was hard to tell) but it was still a valuable visit.   I enjoyed the photography students work and got some interesting ideas on presentation too.    Other areas that I popped into where jewellery, printing and ceramics – all of which were in beautiful places showing impressive work.   After lunch (and meeting up with Victoria) we spent a long time looking at the MA painting students work.   Personally, I found it a mixed bunch, I loved some and some of the others not so much.   Yet again (as if I needed to be constantly reminded) I loved the highly colourful, highly abstracted work and have resolved to only do this work which I love in future.   I am not sure why I persist in trying to paint stuff that I actually don’t particularly like sometimes!
Below is a small album of pictures I took of the day.    And above one of my own pictures that I took of a stairwell at the Royal College of Art.

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