Creativity sometimes requires pain and sacrifice….

It’s interesting how ideas form. I had a very clear idea of a large artwork for the Cathedral Exhibition and have spent several months working towards it. In my mind it was superb, in the mock up it was superb but in reality it just wasn’t working. I tried several things and spent quite a lot on test prints but last Sunday I had to admit that it wasn’t good enough and I would have to pull it from the art pieces I would be showing.
It took my total acceptance that this piece was dead for an astonishing thing to happen. On Wednesday evening, a fully formed new idea came to me – just popped into my head and I spent that evening researching if it was even possible.
By Thursday I had found a company that could do what I envisaged and sent an order – it was pretty costly so it was a huge leap of faith.
This morning, less than 48hrs since I put in the order, my new piece was delivered and I LOVE it! 🙂 Not sure what it’s called yet but it is the perfect piece for the cathedral and to say how I feel about the space there.
If I hadn’t gone through the anguish of giving up on the piece I intended to show, I never would have had this idea.
I now have to work out how to hang it!
I am really excited to show it alongside my other photographs and installations – do come along and see!
Plus some places still available on the FREE workshops 🙂 for more information and

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