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How to be an artist

Since starting my creative journey this year, I have read a lot of books – a lot of art books which I won’t go into here, but also a lot of books about being an artist.

This interests me greatly, because firstly, it took me a long time to consider myself an artist, and secondly, it is a huge jump from doing art, being an artist, to actually being a successful artist (because actually doing the art is the least of it!).

Following a dream, doing what you love and being who you really are is not easy – it requires a leap of faith and some techniques to help smooth the way.    So the books below have been very useful and I recommend anyone in my position reads them and take from them what you will!

They are all light reads, full of gems.

  1. Think Like an Artist – Will Gompertz
  2. Steal Like an Artist – Austin Kleon
  3. Show your work!  – Austin Kleon
  4. How to be an Artist – Michael Atavar
  5. Whatever you think, think the opposite – Paul Arden
  6. Ignore Everybody – and 39 other keys to creativity – Hugh MacLeod
  7. Evil Plans – escape the rat race and start doing something you love – Hugh MacLeod

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