A collage of the life drawing I did this week.   The media was permanent marker and water-based crayon, but they’ve been digitally manipulated since then!

I liked the poses with the frame, it was interesting to draw the model in respect of the frame around her.

rose frame3

Framed, Mixed media, digital. 2017.


‘Domestic pieces’ – expressive life drawing

My expressive life drawing classes with Chris Wood is a huge learning curve each week.  I am really enjoying the challenges Chris sets us and what I’ve been able to achieve.   Each week I unravel a little and produce something a little more expressive and loose.

At the moment we are doing collage and textured backgrounds.   I prepped a text background using an old book that was about to be thrown away and decided to use black ink and chalk only to draw the figures.   There are five figures here, in part or entirety.     Today I have added to the collage background around the figures using brown paper and magazine pages.

I’m very pleased with the results!



Domestic Pieces – mixed media


Art for the downstairs loo :)

We redecorated the smallest room recently and I have been trying to find exactly the right art piece for it.  I commissioned myself to produce a new piece of art for the loo.  After much playing and a lot of fun,  I have designed a tryptic, based on the expressive life drawing classes I’m taking with @chriswoodartist at the moment.

At the classes I go large – A1 – but these are tiny, about 5″ square, so I can mount them in a particular frame.  They look great!

Watercolour, oil pastels, wax crayon and acrylic inks. (Click for a larger version).


Week 2, expressive life- drawing class.   Pastels.    Really getting into finding my own style and having lots of fun 🙂   Click for full image.