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Hampshire Open Studios at Royal Clarence Yard

At the weekend the annual Hampshire Open Studios event started.  Till the end of August, dozens of artists all over Hampshire are opening their doors so you can see their work, meet them and find out how they go about doing their thing.

On Saturday, we went down to Royal Clarence Yard (Gosport) and visited two studios there which were so different but I learnt something from both.

Colin Baxter is a marine artist who works mainly in watercolour. ¬† His work is exquisite, so detailed and intricate. ¬† ¬†He lovingly recreates historical ships from days gone by and is quite a local history buff. ¬† I have great admiration for his work, it is not something I could ever do – my eyesight isn’t good enough for starters! ¬† ¬† I particularly liked his paintings on old navigation charts, a great way to recycle and it really added to the atmosphere of the painting.

Just as we were leaving we saw a second artists workshop was open and met Mari Lynch whose work could not be more different to Colin’s but still a maritime theme. ¬† Mari works in large, abstract oils and depicts waves, or part of waves, almost entirely in a range gorgeous turquoise blues. ¬†The paintings are very personal to her and it was a pleasure to hear about her inspiration.

So I came home very inspired, inspired by the fact that in art anything goes, you just have to find your particular thing. ¬† ¬†Detailed and accurate, wild, abstract and free – it’s all very exciting.

And I have to confess, I was very jealous of the lovely studios that the artists have at Royal Clarence Yard – I shall have to aspire to having one of those!

The image today is one of my abstract watercolours, called “Foreign Field” inspired by a visit to the first world war battle fields, especially The Somme, following in my grandfathers footsteps who¬†served there.

Do get to some of the studios that are open across Hampshire for the next week or so, it’s well worth a trip!

Early morning trip to see the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the sunshine and frost

Whoa it’s big ūüôā

The USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier is currently moored in the Solent just off the peninsular where I live because it is far too big to fit into Portsmouth Harbour!   It is colossal!

I got up early this morning and it was sunny with a heavy frost. ¬† My hands ached with cold as I walked along the beach at 7am but it was worth it, I beat most of the dog walkers and had the beach, and the view to myself. ¬† I took a few pictures I am pleased with. ¬†It took me a while to get one of the aircraft carrier that I was pleased with because I didn’t want to just take the usual pic of it in the sea (although it is very scenic with the Isle of Wight behind). ¬† ¬†On my way back along the beach, I spotted this fence and rope at a cafe and chose to use them as the foreground. ¬† I am pleased with the result!

Yesterday it was raining (actually it was hailing until it looked like snow!) so I stayed in and practiced some painting РI had a lot of fun, I bought some extra colours to compliment the ones I had and spent a happy afternoon doing finger paintings on rough paper.   I will use one of them for Free Art Friday again this week, not sure what my text will be though!

More soon!