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Suffering for my art….

I have just spent half an hour standing calf deep in the sea (with my wellies slowly filling up), being buffeted by the freezing wind in order to have a trial run for an art piece I am preparing at the moment.

The piece is based in the liminal space between the high and low tide points on a beach.

I am just getting the feeling back in my hands (which were underwater for a while!). ¬† ¬†(What’s worse is my poor husband froze as well and it wasn’t even his art piece!).

Still, the preliminary footage looks very promising but next time I must chose a warmer, sunnier, calmer day!

Seaweed at the high tide mark, Forton Lake, Gosport. 

My next mini-series “Now, on a bridge in Gosport”

Today is a glorious spring day in Gosport, and I got out early to take some more pictures in my bridge series.   I am taking pictures on, from and of every bridge in Gosport.   The number of bridges is endlessly disputable, but I am going with about 14 or 15 depending on how I get on over the Spring and early summer.  I then intend to put these in a book, have a section on my website and exhibit a selection in August.

Today took me to an area of Gosport and Alverstoke that I had not been to before, it was lovely exploring the creeks. ¬† ¬† All of the pictures were taken mindfully, I wander slowly around the environment soaking it up, when something catches my eye, I take a picture of it without judgement – I do delete a few when I get home but I don’t censor at the camera stage.

Below is a selection of shots I took today on the two bridges in Alverstoke:

I went to Twitter to post a sunny pic when I got back and saw the terrible news from Belgium.   It sapped my mood completely and left me feeling so sad.   I carried on processing the pictures here, but with a different mood, I think my sadness has spilled into the pictures.    Listened to Einaudi throughout which is wonderfully moody and poignant music.