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Europe’s largest beer tent? Right in the heart of Portsmouth!

Went for a lovely (and much needed) mindful photowalk around Portsmouth Guildhall Square today, partly to record the incredible temporary entertainment venue that has sprung up (for Oktoberfest)  and partly because it was such a beautiful day and I needed some sunshine.

Even Queen Victoria is enclosed in the tent!

So here is a mix of pictures from around the square today (click to see larger copies) – it certainly looks like it’s going to be an amazing weekend for the ticket holders.

I confess that I will look forward to having our lovely square back though!

The feature picture above is one of three iconic Portsmouth buildings, the Norrish Central Library, The Guildhall, and the Civic Offices.

My first professional assignment!

The last couple of weeks I have been working hard on my first professional photographic assignment that came out of a chance conversation during our exhibition.    I have spent several hours photographing a site and have put together a portfolio of 60 shots for the client to review.    It was nerve wracking sending it off to them – I hope I got the brief right!

Below are a couple of the shots (all monochrome here but the portfolio is mainly colour) – can you guess where it is?!

I learnt a great deal from this shoot – it was a tricky location, very dark (as you can see) and my initial shots were not nearly good enough quality.   My husband persuaded me to use a tripod (I am always quite anti gadgets and settings, I like my camera to be an extension of my eye, but that’s not always feasible!) – I returned to the venue armed with a very good tripod and took some of the best work I have ever done. (There’s a lesson there…..)

Mindfulness came into play here too, as ever, I wander a location and take it all in, and see what jumps out at me to be taken – what detail can I pick out?  A shadow, a shape or a colour….    With this shoot I found I had to be even more mindful, to slow myself down from ‘snapping’ and really concentrate on getting the best available shot – and it paid off!

I’ll be posting more shortly

The pictures they didn’t want you to see!

Yesterday I had 30 mins to wait between trains at Brighton Station, and since I had my camera with me and since it is a beautiful place, I started taking some pictures.  I tend to shoot from the hip and people rarely realise I am photographing.   After about 25mins, a security guard approached me and asked me to stop.   He said someone had “reported me” to the station manager.     I didn’t bother arguing, my train was due and I had a good set of pics already, however, just for the record, they couldn’t actually stop me shooting because

  1. I am a non-commercial photographer – a Fine Art student  and
  2. They would have to prove in court that I had damaged them, which I assume they couldn’t.

(this intel comes from a friend who is a seasoned professional photographer).     Ah well…

This link gives more info, although it is quite old.

It just makes me laugh really, it’s so ridiculous to stop me…

So here are the pictures they tried to ban!   Pretty salacious stuff….. I’m pleased with them actually, a mix between my street and mindful styles.   Colour and monochrome.  Red and yellow…

Expansion – seeing brilliance through the cracks

I recently (and rather belatedly I realise) came across the amazing work of Paige Bradley – a sculptor – with this incredible piece of work called Expansion.


It really blew me away to see this powerful image of the pure light within us and has stuck with me for some time. As Paige says:

….we need to make room for the feminine energy of being present instead of planning, listening instead of doing and accepting instead of judging. Expansion is about being still and alive to the moment. Only by real awareness of our environment can we live in a way in which we thrive, but that is also sustainable.

There is a fascinating story about how the first statue came about and how Paige learnt to let go and expand her work.  I feel she is portraying something extremely deep and moving here, something beyond words.

I suppose what Expansion comes to is the feeling of a soul. We all have a sense of soul, even if we can’t quite put a finger on what it is. There are no words for it, no real way to identify the feeling. But that image of light streaming out from the cracks in Expansion is the closest I’ve come to portraying it – that for me is our uniqueness, our shine.

We are all flawed, all cracked and damaged.  The secret perhaps is to let the world see the brilliance within rather than feeling vulnerable and trying to cover up our flaws.   Our strength is in being able to reverse our vulnerability and turn it into pure energy and light….

I really like her writing and other works too, I am looking forward to investigating further.    The themes above are similar to those I intend to cover for my MA.


In the meantime, I have been recording the sound of liminal spaces. I sat on a bridge (pedestrian) for 10 mins on Sunday (amazingly, the weather is so mild it wasn’t cold at all) and recorded the sound of the waves beneath me and the seagulls above me, it was so peaceful.  The featured image today is one I took whilst I was sat on the bridge as some people walked past.

By contrast I recorded the sound of the Gosport Ferry ride and put it to a slide show of my ferry pictures.  Much noisier!  Below is the video again as I added it late to my previous post.

I intend to record the sound from different places on the ferry, the deck for instance as there would be less engine noise there and in the cabin there will be more chatting and human noises.